The Life Processes:
To remember the life processes, just remember this acronym: MR. R SARGENT
Metabolism: includes all the chemical activities an organism must carry on to sustain life
Reproduction: the ability to create more offspring, new individuals
Regulation: organisms have to regulate/ control their life processes
Synthesis: to create larger cells from smaller ones
Assimilation: the incorporation of materials into the body of an organism (growth and repair)
Respiration: the chemical activities that release energy from organic molecules for use by cells
Growth: an increase in size brought about by the increase in cell size and cell number
Excretion: the removal of cellular waste products from the organism, it also includes the removal of CO 2
Nutrition: all the processes involved in providing the organism with the raw materials for energy, growth and repair
Transport: movement, including the movement of raw materials/ wastes around the body of an organism